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4-5-21      COVID Update


Sunday Schedule:


8:45 AM- Traditional Service in Sanctuary (mask-only) 


10:15 AM- Contemporary Service in Celebration Hall (choice)


*Regardless of setting, please wear a mask upon entry and exit. In the choice service, you may remove your mask once you reach your seat.


Stay tuned for more updates.




3-27-21   COVID Update


Sundays after EasterWe return to our previous model of one mask-only service (8:45 am) and one choice (10:15 am).  Remember to wear masks upon entry and exit.




1-7-21   COVID Update


New information on some new adjustments beginning Sunday, January 10th:

For a season we are asking everyone to wear masks when on campus for all worship services, community gatherings, meetings or studies.  Worship services will be MASK ONLY, with the exception of when pastors will remove their masks for spoken portions of the services.


This decision was prayerfully made by your pastors and Elders and is meant to assist in maintaining public gatherings of all types at CTS as the virus surges and a new variant surfaces.




12-15-20   Congregational Update


Dear Friends of CTS,
I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well. (3 John 2)


In this note I will bring you up-to-date on the health of both bodies and souls of our congregation, as well as give you information about the next Sundays, Christmas Eve services, and some adjustments we are making for those choosing to return to worship in-person.
On the COVID front, both Randy and Pastor Aaron have tested positive, are experiencing mild symptoms and are quarantining at home.  Others, including Shelley and me, are also continuing to improve.  All are thankful for the soul-care we have received from so many of you.  Thank you for your prayers and support.
As we contact trace, we see the cases of Covid at CTS originated in “Cantata rehearsals” and “administrative meetings” (staff, Council).  There have been no cases of Covid among the 8:45 am worship community and one couple from the 10:15 am community tested positive.
This Sunday, December 20, we will offer worship as we did last Sunday, online.
Our two-week hiatus from in-person worship gives every family using that option to evaluate whether the increased surge of the virus and their own situation might bring a change of venue for them.  This is why we offer three possibilities for worship.  We want every family to be able to make their choice wisely and freely.  You can make a change at any time in a non-judgmental environment.
As we do re-engage for public worship we are making adjustments and giving encouragements that can increase the safety for in-person worshipers:

  • For a season, only Staff will be on the platform leading worship. Instrumentalists will be masked and still leading in the 10:15 am service. 
  • For a season and to minimize movement during Holy Communion, we will utilize the “Communion packets” that we did when meeting outside.  Each communicant member will pick up a packet in the lobby before entering the Sanctuary for use at the time of the Lord’s Supper.
  • We know folks gather in worship for the community experience.  As we do, I want to encourage all to please engage with proper physical distancing by limiting movement in and around the sanctuaries.  We ask that we stay by our chairs and converse with folks from there.  Pastors will model this by greeting people from the platform both before and after services.

Here is our path-forward:

  • Christmas Eve: We will offer in-person worship as well as live-streaming the services.  Shelley will re-connect with everyone who previously registered to check their status for in-person attendance.
  • Sunday, December 27: One service at 10 AM; mask only, in the Sanctuary.
  • Sunday, January 3: We return to our normal schedule, 8:45 AM mask only; 10:15 AM choice.

We look forward to sharing this Sunday online.  Till then, may our Lord be with you and you with Him.
In Christ,
Pastor Kevin 




12-11-20  COVID update


Dear Friends, 


In a desire to keep everyone informed with the latest information I report to you that I and Shelley have tested positive for Covid.  Randy and Aaron are waiting on test results, and without trying to be presumptuous, each has similar symptoms as Shelley and me.  We will let you know as results are known. 


It is important for each of us to recognize symptoms, to contact one’s physician and to be tested as soon as symptoms occur.  If you test positive, contact trace with any folks you had close contact with in the time frame 3 days before your symptoms appear.  Also, please contact me if you do have a positive result (404.234.7515;


We continue to pray to our Lord for protection and healing for all at CTS who are in need, including those who have contracted the virus.  Everyone that we know of is recuperating at home and pastoral calls are being made by phone. 


This Sunday, December 13, we will post a worship service on our website available by 8 AM that morning.  It has been constructed from video segments recorded in our homes, then produced and posted by Randy from his home. 


I pray God’s watch-care over each one of us.


Pastor Kevin 




12-10-20   COVID Update


Dear CTS Family, 


I want everyone to be aware that we have had additional cases of COVID-19 at CTS now numbering three confirmed through testing.  As a reminder please let us know if you are Covid positive. 


In addition, Shelley, Randy, Aaron, and myself have taken Covid tests and are quarantining at home awaiting results.  I will keep you informed about these and any new developments. 


Please seek with us our Lord’s healing and protection over our bodies and Body.  


If you would like to discuss do not hesitate to call me personally at 404.234.7515 or at


In Christ,  

Pastor Kevin 




12-9-20     Important Congregational Announcement


On Tuesday afternoon, December 8th, a CTS member reported contracting COVID-19.  That member was in worship on Sunday.


We have contact-traced and notified to the best of our ability those who had close contact with this individual.


Out of an abundance of caution, we have cancelled all CTS activities effective immediately, with the intention of resuming Sunday, December 20th, if conditions warrant.


We will monitor the situation through that time, providing an update next week.  As always, we ask you to contact us if you are experiencing symptoms or have received a Covid diagnosis.


You may view an abbreviated worship service this Sunday at 10am online.


We continue to pray for healing and protection for all people according to their needs.


In Christ,
Pastors Kevin and Aaron




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