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Fellow Followers of Jesus,                   Update as of 7/27


Beginning on August 2nd the Pastors and Elders are making the following adjustments for our Sunday worship services:


8:45 AM – Masks Only Service in the Sanctuary


All participants will wear masks with the exception of the pastors when on platform leading worship and preaching.


10:15 AM – Choice Service in the Celebration Hall


Participants may choose to wear a mask or not wear one and there will be no division of the hall into mask/no mask.  


The Services will be the same in each hour, blending both our worship styles. 



The following safety protocols will still be in effect:

            1. Safe, physical distancing is our number one priority.  From entry, to seating, to receiving Communion, to exiting,                      we are providing for and practicing physical distancing.


            2. Holy Communion servers will wear face shields and gloves; only individual cups will be utilized.


            3. Attendants will help everyone get used to our pattern and flow for entry and exit, and they will be sanitizing                    after services.


Stay tuned for more updates.”


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