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YOU Matter to God

You have a story!

It has a beginning.

It is being written every day.

It has highs and lows, hopes and dreams.

Unfortunately, it has an end.



You matter to God.

God has a story with no beginning, no end.

God’s eternal story is about His love for you in His Son, Jesus.

Jesus’ story offers you a new beginning, journey and ending with God.

Jesus invites you to live your story in His story.





YOU matter to us

Your story has a lot in common with ours.

Like you we have highs and lows, hopes and dreams.

The story of Jesus has changed everything about our story.

We would love to journey with you in your story and in His story.

You matter to God and you matter to us.





YOU are welcome here

We are a community of people living the story of Jesus as our story.

We live out that story together by loving God and our very visible neighbor.

You are our neighbor and you will be welcomed here.




Meet YOU at the Café

Sunday morning is a time we gather all our stories under Jesus’ good news story.

We gather as a community to receive God’s love in worship services.

We gather in smaller communities to share and encourage one another in God’s Word.

We gather at the Café to enjoy one another over coffee and homemade treats.

We would love to meet YOU at the Café, in community and in worship.

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