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Need help surviving and thriving in Middle School?  Consider Crossroads!


Middle School can be a difficult time in the lives of many young people.  We have developed a program to help young people not only survive the Middle school years but to actually thrive in this environment. We call the program “Crossroads”.
Crossroads is a place where young people can explore the big questions of life and gather insights into the answers
using reason, logic, and God’s Word. Some of the big questions that we will address are:


1. Identity: Who am I and why can’t I get my locker open?
2. Value: What am I worth? What is my value? Who cares?
3. Change: Why are my body and feelings changing? What am I becoming?
4. Problems: Why do I have problems? Why do I mess up? How can I avoid problems?
5. Purpose: What is the purpose of my life? Why am I here?
6. Relationships: How do I fit in? Where do I belong? What does it mean to be a part of a community?
7. Future: Where am I going? Who do I want to be? Do I have something to contribute?
8. Decision Making: How do I make good decisions? Who or what is influencing me?
9. Choices: How can I face temptations, traps, pitfalls, and addictions? (cell phone, video games, porn)
10. Conflict Resolution: How can I face conflict? How do I get along with other people?
11. Desires: What is it that I most need in my life? How can I be happy?

12. Fitting In:  How do I fit in?  Where do I belong?  What does it mean to be a part of a community?

13. Self Worth: How do others see me?  How would others describe me?  Does it matter what others think?

14. New Life: What behaviors are a true reflection of my authentic self?

15. Authenticity: What are the “masks” that I wear?  Who do I pretend to be?  Who is the real me?

16. Hope: Where can I find hope in troubling times?

Crossroads is a multi-faceted program that engages the young person with a community of peers and caring leaders. Both on-site and off-site experiences encourage youth in the development of life skills that foster positive character traits and values which enable the young person to face life with confidence, peace and hope.


Where: Crossroads takes place at Christ the Shepherd Lutheran Church in our youth Loft facility. Christ the Shepherd is located at 4655 Webb Bridge Road, Alpharetta, next to the Post Office.


When: Crossroads meets weekly on Sundays, 6:30 to 8:00 PM during the school year beginning August 23rd.


For more information:
Contact Randy Potts, Program Director at 770-475-0640 or
Tour the Youth Loft at Christ the Shepherd, 4655 Webb Bridge Road, Alpharetta
Join us for an Open Houses on Sunday, August 16th, at 4:00 PM at CTS.



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