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The Voice Newsletter – February, 2018

MS Lock-IN 2

Sermon Series and Lenten Sprint

Each Sunday in Lent and through Easter Weekend our messages will grow out of gardens named or mentioned in the Bible with the goal of knowing God as the Master Gardener of our lives, souls, and world. We will see His work and heed His call to co-tend these same gardens as disciples of Jesus.


Complementing the messages a five session small-group sprint will be available as a way to:

          GROW into a community and harvest friendships…

                   DISCUSS that Sunday’s garden theme and learn from each other…

                             PRAY around that study’s theme for others and our world…


There will be various times and places where these communities gather. Check back for a listing of groups or visit our Connection Center in the sanctuary lobby.


God, The Master Gardener


Feb. 18: The Master Gardener Plants a Garden (Genesis 1,2)

Feb. 25: God’s Garden Trampled (Genesis 3)

Mar.   4: God Promises a Restored Garden (Isaiah 35)

Mar. 11: The Secret Gardener (Amos 9:13-15; John 2:1-11, Song of Songs 4:16)

Mar. 18: The Gardener’s Agony (John 18:1, 2; Mark 14:32-42)

Mar. 25: The Gardener’s Passion (John 19:41)


Easter Weekend

Mar. 29: From Garden to Table (John 12:20-26, First Communion)

Mar. 30: Christ the Tree of Life in God’s Garden (John 19:41, Good Friday)

Apr.   1:  The Master Gardener Welcomes Us (John 20:11-18, Easter Sunday)



SR Youth Winter Retreat 2018

MS Lock-IN 2018

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