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6.6 – Gratitude 


Today was our second physical work day in Guatemala. We began the day with breakfast at the hotel, and soon left on our boat for St. Lucas. 


The tasks for today were to finish the bathroom, construct rebar supports, level the ground, and measure the dimensions for the home. 


The kids were brought to the work site today, and the VBS team interacted with them there. They played soccer, sang, took polaroid photos, and taught the families about the love of Christ.


We are only here for four days working, but ten weeks worth of work needs to be done to finish this home. It makes many of us emotional to be leaving so early after doing such little work in comparison to what’s ahead.


Afterwards, we headed back and ate burgers for dinner at the Hotel California. Most of our sick have now recovered, and we pray for strength in the day ahead.


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