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6.8 – Finale


Today was our last day in Guatemala, and we were all ready to give it our all on our last day, determined to have nothing in the tank by the end of the day.


For many of us, it was by far the most physically demanding day, sifting sand and carrying hundreds of pounds worth of it from place to place. We mixed concrete and poured it into the frames we made yesterday.


To finish off, we’ll be eating at Irene’s and packing up. 


It’s safe to say that we’ve all been blessed by God to have the chance to come here and serve in such a big way. Many of us have already vowed to return soon, and we await the chance to see the finished house in a few week’s time. Some of us will also be attempting to re-boot the yearly adult mission to Panajachel.


All glory to Him for this amazing country and the chance to serve the least of these. We will never forget the things we have done and the people we have met here. 


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