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6.4 – Reverence


Today was our second free day in Guatemala.  We began the day by meeting up with our local guide, Anthony, who took us down to the water where a boat was waiting to take us to breakfast.


We soon arrived at Casa Del Mundo, a very beautiful cafe built into the side of the cliffs. We ate our breakfast and drank fresh fruit smoothies while overlooking the three volcanos that adorn the edge of the lake. We finished our excursion with some swimming and relaxing in hammocks. The entire time we stayed, we were in reverence of the beauty that God has bestowed upon this region. 


Shortly after we returned we had our worship session and received God’s message for the day. We talked about the power of influencers, and how to be a good one. The difference between a good and bad influencer lies within the “chest” of the individual. Greg taught us about “Men without chest”, and how one may have great intelligence, and aspirations but without a spiritual filter or “chest”, they often lead folks astray from God’s path.


We now prepare to go to the work site and meet the family we will be serving with. The names of the kids we will be working with are Marelin (11) and Kevin (16). We look forward to forming a strong relationship with them and serving their family in a meaningful way.

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