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6.5 – Service


Today was our first work day in Guatemala, we began by eating a delicious breakfast where we learned that several members of our team had fallen ill. Despite this, we were determined to do the job God has provided for us.


We boarded a boat and headed across the lake to the job site, where we met the local workers and the family we would be serving. The full project for this family is to build them a three-bedroom home complete with a proper stove (ecoplancha), running water, and a septic system.


Today we focused on creating a shed for our tools, working on the septic tank, and unloading 630+ concrete blocks for the construction of the home.


The VBS team headed to a nearby rehab center, where they   work to build relationships in Christ with young children and their mothers. They played, sang praise, and poured their hearts out for those in the rehab center. The kids told the VBS team that they couldn’t wait to play again tomorrow.


It’s fair to say the God gave every member of our team a courageous heart of service to put 110% effort into their work, and to work diligently with a smile and a positive attitude, no matter how tough it got.


We wrapped up the night with dinner at a local restaurant and some reflection time on the roof of our hotel. Praise be to God for this amazing opportunity for service.

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