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6.9 – Return


It is with mostly-heavy hearts that we return home. As mentioned before. We were here for four days, and yet ten weeks of work must be done. It does not feel as if we’ve done nearly enough.


The prayer of the Don Fransisco as we departed yesterday echos in our minds. He cried out to the Lord that he could not repay us, and asked God to open doors for us and give back to us the way we had given to him. The emotions felt during that prayer cannot be put into human terms, a feeling only God can give you.


It is a prayer that I personally (Adam Warmouth) feel most unworthy of considering the hardness of their lives in comparison to mine. I want to do more for not only their family but for all who struggle here in this country where every work day is for survival. I told Don Fransisco that I would be returning to see him in the future. I really want  It pains me to not know when that will be.


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