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6.2.23 – Arrival


We’ve landed in Guatemala safe and sound! Soon after entering, we found ourselves in awe of the people and the pace of their lives here. This was especially true for those of us visiting for the first time.


It was striking how much people smiled at us and seemed to welcome us to their home. Many times, you’ll find a stranger smiling warmly at you and saying, “Buenos Dias!” The atmosphere is friendly, and most everyone greets you kindly. You feel as though folks are genuinely happy we’re here.


Another part of this country that sticks out to us is the driving habits of the locals. As we made our way to Pana, we watched hundreds of motorcyclists weave fearlessly between the barely two-foot gap between our bus and the other vehicles on the road without a care.


Our hosts welcomed us with open arms and provided us with a wonderful first meal of chicken and bean burritos and guacamole. After the long journey, we drifted to sleep to the thumping pulse of nightlife music and the many barking dogs who roam the streets.


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