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Easter is more than a day – it is a new life.

In our post-Easter Animated Life series we will highlight some of the most encouraging, exuberant, and inspiring aspects of living in the rich atmosphere of Christ’s resurrection. Being a Christian is a whole new reality and the Bible guides us in how to access and live as eternally loved children of God.

Jesus did this in His own ministry by telling engaging stories called parables. Jesus opened up life in the kingdom of God that He was bringing among them. In our culture some of the most engaging stories being told today are in animated movies from Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks, etc. We can use these colorful stories as the background that helps us to know how to live out the kingdom of God in our own stories.

So join us as we use ‘parabolic preaching’ to breathe in the Animated Life of Jesus and breathe out our own animated living to the world God so loves.

4/23      Frozen shows us in the lives of two sisters, Elsa and Anna, that where and how you begin the story and where and how you end the story shapes the story your life is telling.      

4/30   Guest speaker, Joshua Miles ministers, in Jesus’ Name, in war-torn countries of the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Palestinian refugee camps) to bring infants and toddlers with life-threatening heart conditions to hospitals in Israel for life-saving surgeries. Hear the story of our mission partner, Shevet Achim.

5/7        The Incredibles tells the story of a family of superheroes with a husband and Dad repeatedly reminding everyone that “I Work Alone.” The results are disastrous. How is the animated life lived?  

5/14      Inside//Out provides the background for every person and family that is looking for help in the realm of EMOTIONS: mine, yours, and theirs. Can you say, “Help Jesus!” The Animated Life provides it.

5/21      Wreck It Ralph shows us that in the Animated Life jobs and positions are transformed into vocations and callings, while comparison is replaced with mutual respect. Our background is provided by characters with opposite jobs: Fix-It-Felix and Wreck-It-Ralph.

 5/28     How To Train Your Dragon is excellent background for a Memorial Day observance that helps us in confronting kingdoms in conflict both in the human heart and the world that heart has created. The Animated Life uses Romans 12 & 13 in addressing both kingdoms with specific instructions. 


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